CAS Global is a network of accounting and consulting firms serving a wide range of clients globally with support from more than 350 partners and professional staff in total, from local and overseas firms.

Member firms of CAS Global provide services in Audit and Assurance, Tax, Business Advisory and Corporate Services. Our Affiliates also provide a range of business solutions and consulting services, including internal audit, outsourcing, risk assurance and general management consultancy.

Each member firm in CAS Global is an independent legal entity in its own territory. Member firms have access to the expert team of professional business advisors within the CAS Global network.

  • To establish a quality Professional Network for like-minded and properly qualified professional Accounting, Taxation and Advisory Firms for each designated country or territory globally.
  • To facilitate and act as liaison between member firms so as to share advice for professional growth.
  • To promote quality management practice in line with globally recognised standards.
  • To facilitate the referral of professional work on an exclusive basis between member firms.
  • To coordinate and assist in strategic marketing and resources sharing among member firms.
  • To facilitate human resource development and management among member firms.

Professional people for quality service.

Our people practice Integrity, Mutual Respect, Team Work and Leadership.

The curve represents Connect and Support. It is mutual respect. Also shows CAS is contributing to the global market with its professional  services. Global also connecting to CAS for highest professional standards compliance.

Blue Colour Symbolises professionalism and integrity.

Green Colour Symbolises caring for environment and sustainability.

Red Colour Symbolise passionate to the profession and energy for growth.

Executive Committee is responsible for oversight of activities of the Network through developing and implementing strategy, operational plans, policies, procedures and budget. Driving and monitoring operating and financial performance. Prioritising and allocating resources. Day-to-day management of the Network will be delegated to paid staff. The Executive Committee is also responsible for facilitating all activities under Network Working Committees.

The Audit and Assurance Committee (AASC) is responsible to support the Board and the Network in their responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance (for auditing and assurance services). The AASC reviews the comprehensiveness of assurances in meeting the Board and Accounting Officer’s assurance needs and reviews the reliability and integrity of these assurances.

The clerk to the Audit and Assurance Committee will be the Secretary to AASC or another appropriate independent individual.

Overview of responsibilities:

  • To review exposure draft for new or revised international standards on auditing or guidance for auditing practices issued by relevant authorities and arrange information sharing with member firms.
  • To organise training on Auditing and Assurance subjects.
  • To review and recommend improvements to the Audit Methodology and Documentation.


The Taxation and Advisory Committee (TAC) will act as a knowledge resource to enable the Network and member firms to respond to taxation and advisory issues. It is also responsible to act as a general advisor to member firms for knowledge resources, best practice and technology sharing. 

The clerk to the Tax Committee will be the Secretary to the TAC or another appropriate independent individual.

Overview of responsibilities:

  • To unify and maintain high quality of documentation system within the taxation services and to act as a conduit for member firms to channel their views on taxation.
  • To provide thought leadership and input on international and domestic tax issues as part of enhancing the committee members’ knowledge and exposure on international issues.
  • To assist in formulating strategic plans, and promote management consultancy services among member firms for keeping abreast with the latest development related to the industries and information dissemination to member firms.
  • To conduct training on Taxation and Advisory subjects.

The Quality Risk Management Committee (QRM) is responsible for assisting member firms in its oversight of quality assurance review every three (3) years by rotation basis. (Applicable only to Audit Firm).

The clerk to the Quality Risk Management Committee (QRM) will be the Secretary to QRM or another appropriate independent individual.

Overview of responsibilities:

  • To facilitate development and implementation of effective risk management and quality assurance practice for all member firms and provide guidance to member firms for compliance.
  • To conduct Quality Assurance Review every 3 years.
  • To conduct training on quality practice management.